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Team Crosby and friends of James Island Chick-fil-A need your help!!

Trudy Crosby

Trudy Crosby

Please help us welcome James Island Chick-fil-A to our family in helping raise money to stop the water shortage. Every 37 seconds, someone dies from lack of safe drinking water.

Hundreds of millions of women and children walk more than three miles each day to collect water for their families. Often, the water collected is unsafe to drink, resulting in major sicknesses such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever, malaria and even death. But there is hope.

We are starting our Charleston Walk for Water Campaign early this year to raise awareness of, and funds for, addressing the global water shortage. A lot of the hard work has already been done by Water Missions and our partners.

Together, we have developed effective and sustainable solutions. Those solutions have been recognized by global leaders and experts in this space. All we need now are more hands, hearts and funds. That’s where you come in.

For the 2024 Charleston Walk, our goal is to engage with 6,000 registered walkers and to raise $750,000. That level of funding will provide Living Water - clean drinking water delivered with the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ - to an estimated 15,000 people, for a lifetime. We are partnering with James Island Chick-fil-A for March awareness of the global water shortage.

Through over two decades of direct project experience (community development and disaster response), Water Mission has developed this metric that continues to hold true today - on average, $50 provides a single person with Living Water for a LIFETIME. We’d love to share more details about HOW that is done.

Please register as a member of our team and begin your own fundraising or if that’s not possible, we’d appreciate a straight donation. And as with anything that the Spirit puts on our hearts, please pray that hearts are touched, and lives are saved.


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Team Crosby and friends of James Island Chick-fil-A