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2024 Walk for Water

March 23, 2024

Around the world, kids like you walk more than three miles to collect water every day. Oftentimes, this water makes them too sick to play or attend school. 

You can help us change their stories by becoming a Walk superhero. When you give to Water Mission and participate in the Walk for Water, you help provide safe water for kids around the world. Together, we can fight the global water crisis and walk, so others don’t have to.





Raise Funds 
  • Host a lemonade stand. Use pre-created flyers and posters, and ask your parents to share about your lemonade stand on social media. Download these resources to jumpstart your lemonade stand planning today.  


  • Bake sale or yard sale. Clean out your closet and sell toys that you no longer play with at a yard sale. If you like to bake, consider selling cookies or muffins, too. Put posters up around your community and have your parents share details on social media or community boards.  
  • Car Wash. Clean neighborhood cars and ask participants to contribute donations to the Walk for Water.
  • Play a concert. If you are musical and have friends who are, too, host a concert in your neighborhood, at your church, or even on Zoom. Tell your friends and family about your event, and sell tickets at the door or use a cash app.  
  • Pre-Walk challenge. Ask friends and family to sponsor each mile of your Walk and to give you cash or a check that can be sent to Water Mission.  

Raise Awareness 
  • Ask your church or teachers if you can share about the Walk for Water in your Sunday school or classroom. You can find posters, flyers, videos, and presentations on the Resources page.
  • Start a book club and read A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.

  • Invite your friends, family, and classmates to join you at the Walk for Water. 


Commit to supporting the 2024 Walk for Water! 
-  Register for the Walk.
-  Invite friends and family members to walk with you.
-  Host a fundraising event (bake sale, lemonade stand, bracelet sale, etc.) or ask neighbors to support your Walk.

When you arrive at the Walk for Water, sign the 2024 Water Mission Kid's Board located in the Kids' Area to share your heart for the Walk for Water. You will receive a limited edition Walk button.


*The superhero checklist and activities are ideal for kids ages 8 and up.