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2024 Walk for Water-Knoxville

April 13, 2024


In 2001, George and Molly Greene started Water Mission with a vision that all people have safe water and an opportunity to experience God’s love. Molly also wanted to provide an opportunity for others to understand the day-to-day experience of the 2 billion people affected by the global water crisis. So, in 2006, we created the Walk for Water to simulate the trek women and children make every day to collect water.  

George and Molly Greene open the 2014 Walk for Water. 

The first Walk for Water was held in Charleston, SC, which remains the location for our flagship event. Since then, churches, community groups, and corporate partners have embraced the vision for the Walk for Water, and the program has spread across the United States. Longtime partners Grundfos, Georg Fischer, and Hach have expanded their Walks to include international offices.

Walk for Water Knoxville started in 2023 with its first annual walk at Lakeshore Park. God brought a group of individuals passionate about bringing an end to the global water crisis and spreading the gospel, to form the Walk Committee. At the first Walk for Water Knoxville around 150 walkers joined together to bring clean, safe water to more than 500 people in need around the world. That is just the beginning, and we are excited for this Annual Walk for Water to bring more life change around the world.