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Nicole Smoak's Walk for Water Page

Nicole Smoak

Nicole Smoak

Welcome to my 2024 Walk for Water page!

Thanks so much for visiting this page - fighting the global water crisis is one of my deepest passions, & I'm excited to have friends and family come alongside me during the 2024 Walk for Water.

The global water crisis impacts millions of women and children as they walk more than three miles to collect water each day for their families. Often, the water collected is unsafe to drink. But there is hope. 

The funds raised at the Walk for Water go directly to Water Mission to help fight the global water crisis. Our Knoxville Walk for Water goal is to bring clean, safe water to 1,500 people in need around the world. 

We walk, so others don't have to.

In sharing about the 2024 Walk for Water Knoxville with engineering colleagues, one of my favorite resources to share is Water Mission's technical design sheets. I've attached a link to them below & would encourage everyone to check them out. It's awesome to see the technical designs that come out of funds raised during the Walk for Water!


This past week was Engineers Week & I was reflecting on just how much I love this profession - it’s confidently what I was made to do. The sweet pictures below on my desk remind me everyday of how thankful I am to have experienced engineering around the world engineering is a universal language - its feats are around us all every day, and even in the most remote places around the globe. The god of the universe said “fill the earth, and subdue it”, actively rule over it, not to destroy it but to cultivate it, making the land productive and self sustaining. That is exactly what engineers aim to do everyday & Water Mission is excellent at it. That’s why I support them so wholeheartedly & I hope you will too!

Engineering around the world! Photos from Ecuador, Thailand, Uganda, & of course, the University of South Carolina!


Although, I have been involved with Water Mission in some capacity since 2019, last year was the first time I was able to participate in a Walk for Water! Fuller & I walked in Charleston, SC & it was such an encouraging time to raise funds and awareness for Water Mission. As we prepared to move from SC to Knoxville, TN last year, I was hopeful to find a way to still be involved with Water Mission & was excited to find out that there was a Knoxville area team with planning already underway for this year's Walk for Water. So, here we are, in a different state but supporting the same great mission!

Walk for Water 2023 in Charleston, SC!


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